Monday, August 23, 2010

K-ON! Why all the hate?

K-ON! pretty much every anime fan knows the name and what the show is. But it seems that when it comes to the show you either love it or hate it with a passion and I have seen such hatred towards the show in recent months I have really started thinking. Why exactly do people hate the show so much?

One of the common things people seem to hate about the show is that it's a show about nothing. Not much really happens. Which in all truthfulness is true. However why is that a bad thing? K-ON! is purely and simply a Slice of Life show. It's not a new genre or anything it's been around for the life of anime as a whole. So why people feel the need to call K-ON! out as a boring nothing ever happens tea and cookie eating simulator is beyond me.

Compared to Slice of life shows of yesteryear K-ON! moves at a million miles a minute. Look at shows like To Heart. The original season of that show was so incredibly slow moving it turned off a large amount of people. And Unlike K-ON! To Heart wasn't really funny so you didn't have the laughs to keep you going. You just had the characters. I'm not hating on To Heart at all. It's actually one of my favorites but I'm simply saying that all the hate leveled at K-ON! based on the sole reason that nothing much happens in the show is quite ignorant as there are shows that have been doing the same thing for years and years and many of them are very popular. And if you look back nobody made a big fuss about those shows. I never remember hearing people complain about To Heart. Sure I heard people say stuff like "that show isn't my cup of tea" but not the constant bashing we see now.

So what else may cause people to hate the show? Well perhaps it's that the show is filled to the brim with Moe. But again. Many other shows are similar and no one seems to single them out and tear them apart for no reason. And as much as some misguided fan boys may like to think so K-ON! didn't invent Moe. Moe was around LONG before K-ON! ever came into existence and will be around a long time coming. The success of K-ON! didn't lead to the deluge of moe shows. That flood had started before K-ON! came out and K-ON! was one of the shows that came from that flood and ended up being one of the few that became a large success. But that didn't cause tons of other studios to do the same thing. As a matter of fact if you look at how many moe shows have come since K-ON! the number has gone down. Of course the number of shows as a whole being produced each season has dropped but that still doesn't change the fact that Moe shows are still thinning out.

Really it is understandable that people may not like a particular show but really not only is it ignorant to constantly be singling out K-ON! but it's also annoying. I have seen people mentioning how K-ON! pales in comparison to shows that have nothing to do with it such as House of Five Leaves, Gundam and believe it or not Fist of the North Star. None of those shows are even in the same genre yet they are being compared to K-ON! just so people can get their point across that K-ON! pales in comparison to them but it's a stupid argument.

Now don't take this whole little article wrong. I'm not trying to defend K-ON! or anything. I'm just annoyed at seeing the shows name brought up at the most irrelevant times just to be bashed because someone wants to bitch and moan about how much they hate the show. I don't wanna be on ANN reading in a thread about Gundam Unicorn and see some moron start yelling "At least this is way better then that K-ON! crap" What the hell does that contribute to the conversation? Nothing it has nothing at all to do with the show being talked about and it's annoying and it's quite commonly happening everywhere I go. If you are a angry anti Moe person more power to you but please just be quiet and leave it be because all you are doing is annoying Fans and non fans alike. No one is forcing you to watch the show and no one is forcing you to read about the show in the various forum threads and news stories out there.